Marks on a page, put there by a writer, are often what we are first given as an actor. And from that writing we need to create the emotional and physical life of the character who needs to say these particular words in this particular moment.


However, a writer is not just giving you the sense of the words to help you to create this life, but also, like a composer, giving you notes, sounds and rhythms to move your body and voice. And this is particularly true in classical and poetic text. 

The work I do will help you to marry your physical life, out of which arises your voice, with the imaginative and analytical processes of rehearsal. It ensures the embodiment of the physical impulses from the text. And helps you to explore the effects of the imaginative process when combined with a fully released body and voice. It can also help you to cross periods, continents and even gender with confidence.

In the business world, the more vibrantly and confidently you use language, the more engaging you will be. It's a vital skill. 

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