The voice is a function of the body. The impulse to speak arises out of the body and expresses through speech and gesture simultaneously. For this reason, I have always worked with actors on freeing their physical response to their imagination, and through this their vocal expressivity.


Deep internal release can be achieved that allows the voice to arise entirely without control or effort, and like this speech is completely available and totally authentic. It also won't tire.


I won't teach you to control, push or force your body into alien techniques, and I won't let you 'boom' without detail or truth. Instead, together, we will help your body find its most open and easeful vocal expression.

In business and professional life, your voice is also a key part of your impact and persona. If you feel your voice is not fit, expressive or strong enough, you can improve this. And also find a sound that feels more authentic and representative of who you are.

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